An Phu Neighbours was established in 2012. The purpose is to build Expatriates community who are working or living in Thao Dien - An Phu so that people can get help from each others. After 6 years age, the group has more than 41K members. These members are not only in An Phu - Thao Dien but also came from different districts in HCMC such as D7, D1...

An Phu neighbours is managed by Vietnam Expat.



An Phu Neighbours is large and active group with many activities per day, 99% are happy clients 
16500 New posts per month
82500 Access per day
38800 Active Members
41000 Total Members

99% Customers are happy

According to the survey result - made by more than 1,5K people, 42% people said that information is helpful, 23% said that they can sell items successfully, others confirmed that group can solve their problems such as housing, office, nanny, teachers, food, furniture..



There are 16,5K posts monthly, 550 posts daily. Since 4/2018 we started manage the group tightly by

  • Make rules, manage and maintain groups

  • Delete bad contents

  • Filter fake accounts or spam

  • Review posts one by one for approval or not

  • Recruit more members

Since there are so many posts to be reviewed every day, it is possible that your posts can not be approved & displayed immediately, but in the long awaited list. Our moderators are trying our best to review & approve your posts and member's as soon as possible. All posts will be approved FREE if they meet our rules.

However, you can register for PRE-APPROVAL PRIORITY PERMISSION. Mean that your Facebook account will be set in priority permission so your posts will be approved within 01 seconds. It can reach to potential customers sooner than other's. You have to pay for a small fee. This could help our mod team manage the group, serve you & the community better.

Kindly be aware that this is not obligated. Thanks for your understanding

PRE-APPROVAL PERMISSION REGISTER It's only a cup of coffee/day

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You can get all benefits below
  • ☑ Your posts will be published in no-time
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions

Priority means your posts will be approved sooner in seconds
Your post can be approved in seconds after posting
For those who are selling online. View pricing by Click here
You can post from 1 to 4 posts per day. Note that it depends on the package you sign up. Your violation can cause your FB account locked immediately
You can pay by bank transfer
Á Châu bank - ACB Bank
Account name: BUU NGUYEN (Not NGUYEN BUU pls)
Account number: 35876619
Branch: Phan Đăng Lưu, HCMC

Ngân hàng Vietcombank - VCB Bank
Account name: BUU NGUYEN (Not NGUYEN BUU pls)
Account number: 0181003441366
Branch: HCMC
1. Select a package above and fill the registration form
2. Informed that show you already made payment to Vietnam Expat
3. Admin set up your account and confirmation.
Yes but it's not important. Because members will see your post via their Newsfeeds not from the home of the group.
Posts on the group often have a good interaction. However, if you want to get more orders, just apply this tip: Everyday you spend 2 minutes making friends with about 20 members in the group, try to do it least 1-2 weeks (as longer as possible). So, you can make hundreds people then for sure your posts can reach more people in the groups (This is the secret algorithm of Facebook).

Link to make friend with members Members link


Most people are happy to sell on An-Phu Neighbours 
Sales items, seeking recommedations, offers, to buy things and discussions about everything in An Phu/Thao dien District 2 area. It’s useful and build the connection for our neighbours community
- Thuy Lien
This is really a good group . Thank Admin for creating APN. I sell products from France and Singapore. And 80% my customers in here.
- Quan Dau
I can find helpful information. I can sell items/service and I can find property (house/apartment)
- Tri Hai
I got some stuffs with good price. Thank you very much for creating this great community
- Nhan Phan
WHY ARE MY POSTS IN PENDING FOR REVIEW? While were posts of other members approved right away?

The reason is that they registered for the pre-approve posts! Let's chat with our admin by clicking on the chat button below so we can install your account now.


We have flexible prices from personal to business or enterprise

    07 DAYS

  • 490K VND

    500K VND
  • Duration: 07 days
  • Cost per day: 2 coffees
  • Allow to post everyday
  • Max posts per day: 1
  • Published in 10 minutes
  • Support 24/7

    15 DAYS

  • 800K VND

    1.000K VND
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Cost per day: 1 phở
  • Allow to post everyday
  • Max posts per day: 2
  • Published in 05 minutes
  • Support 24/7
  • VIP

    30 DAYS

  • 960K VND

    2,000K VND
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Cost per day: 1 coffee
  • Allow to post everyday
  • Max posts per day: 4
  • Published in 30 seconds
  • Support 24/7

Please chat with Admin for installing your permission on the group

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